anchor trolly clarification please

Hope not to get flamed for asking the question, that is apparently clear to some but not to me. I have read all the archived posts on the anchor trolly for canoes and kayaks on this and other boards, but have failed to figure something out. Okay everybody talks about quick release in the case of emergency (hopefully not) or hooking into a huge fish thats going to take you for a ride. I have heard about floats at the end of the line so you can come back and retrieve the anchor and line, but then I see all these pics of the anchor line run through the stainless ring or carabiner of the trolly system and then the line gripped by a cam cleat or other system to hold the anchor line out at a certain length. How does this quick release work if the line is run through the ring or biner if there is a float at the end of the line. Some of the floats that I have seen would never go through this space. Maybe I am missing something here. Now tying a slip knot with the anchor line to the ring or biner without it actually traveling through this space seems like it would work, but I see some pics talking about quick release and a flost at the end of the line traveling through the ring or biner (not particularly this board) it sounds contradictary to me. I am sure someone will clear this up for me but I hope that I am not the only one that has noticed this before.

Most use a carbiner or snap like for dog
leashes, except for it being stainless or brass if fishing salt. To release the anchor line, assuming you have a float attached, just unhook the caribiner or snap from the trolley and let it go. Simple to use. If you set it up with a ring, then, of course, you can’t quick release.

No flames…
Jerl did a good jub of outlining one method. I use a different method.

My float is positioned on the line between my anchor chain and the eyelet/hook that my line passes through. In other words, my float is always in the water if my anchor is deployed and it rests near the boat. It’s already on the other side of the eyelet.

For a simple set-up is sure is difficult to explain on a message board.

Shoot me your e-mail and I’ll send pics that make it easy to understand.