I just purchased sea eagle 385ft fishing inflatable fishing Kayak. I am intending to fish the Trinity River outside Redding Calif. This is a small river but moves a little fast in some areas and is lazy in other areas. Rocky river bottom.

My question is will the folding 1-2 lb anchor work in a river with a little white water here and there. I need to stop in faster areas of a funnel and fish the hole on going in. Thanks for any advise; I am new here as of today. I will send smoked Salmon the the suggestion that works best.

Darrell or D-man

Don’t anchor
Ground out on a ledge or rock, but don’t anchor a kayak in swift water is my advice.

  • Big D

That was pretty much my thoughts too and the reason it led me to the question. Thank you very much for your reply.

Its fine
I anchor in the umpqua all the time. So does my dad abd we have no problems. But no a one-two pound anchor won’t do anything. My dad has an inflatable pontoon boat and we rigged up a 5lb kettle bell and that stops him just fine. I use a 10 pounder personally.

It’s been nice knowing you.
When something does go wrong with that, it will go wrong fast. Be prepared.

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