Does anyone use an anchor, which one do you use? Which do you prefer? The solid one or the folding one? Thanks

I use a 5 lb. barbell plate, and it works great for me.

I started out with a 3 (?) pound one with fairly thin flukes, and ended up with a larger 7-1/2 (?) pond one with larger flukes, which works a lot better. I have about 20’ of quarter-inch (1/2 "?) braided rope similar to that used on clotheslines, keeping the line wrapped on a Cuban Yo-Yo, a hand spool used for fishing.

I only really use it when fishing, to hold me in place in a current in passes between islands where the water’s too deep,or the bottoms’s too rocky or marly to hold a stake. And that occurs somewhat frequently down here in South Florida and the Florida Keys.

I’ve only used it when yakangling from my ScupperPro TW SOT, and never from either of my SINKs.

When I’m just out paddling -cruising -I don’t take it with me, because I’m on the water to move, and to


-Frank in Miami

Thanks, I love the barbell, using things in unique ways is just my speed. Thanks for all the info. I am into day kayaking right now but will soon branch out into kayak camping where I will need an anchor for longer shoretimes. Thanks for all of your assistance.

anchor use?
What is your intended use of the anchor? There’s no need for an anchor for most kayaking situations, although I do sometimes use an anchor or stake-out pole for kayak fishing. While camping the kayak is brought ashore well above the hide-tide mark and sometimes tied to something solid on shore if I’m worried about the tide stealing the kayak.

Greg Stamer

Bought a folding anchor in '73
because someone told me I would be “required” to have one on certain waters.

In 40 years of active canoeing and kayaking, I have never, never used it.

And I don’t recall ever encountering any canoeist or kayaker in real life who used an anchor.

I’m kind of amazered that you’re asking.

Anchor? Hmm, might be cool 2 have @times
Never even considered having an anchor. But now that someone brought it up, could see how it could be useful on occasion.

Say you’re paddling against a fairly stiff current. You get a bit tired and want to take a breather, but you don’t want to lose ground. Where you’re at is not particularly deep. Chuck the anchor overboard and rest up.

Aside from some obvious and avoidable line-tangling issues, is there a downside?

Have tried many…
…and now use a window sash weight on a 15’ retractable dog leash.

You non-anchor users must not fish from your kayak.

I rarely use an anchor, but a mess bag with some rocks in it works fine. I would never carry a 5 pound anchor around in a canoe or kayak.

I use
a milk jug filled with sand or a drift sock if I just want to slow it down a little or keep the boat at an angle while fishing a shoreline.

Whether it’s a milk jug or a mesh bag, it’s still an anchor. I only bring my anchor if I’m fishing.

For shallow waters I use my ParkNPole, just love it…