Anchorage Kayaking

Well I just got orders that the Army is moving me from Arizona to Anchorage. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of kayaking there, but any book I can find only talks about serious ventures, multi day trip type of things to places like SE alaska islands, misty fords, and Kodiak Island. I was wondering if anyone had ever lived in Anchorage and could recommend any nice day trips in the Anchorage area. Long trips will come, but I’m more interested in a place to spend my saturdays. Anyone know any nice places. Thanks


Thank you for your service
I’m sure that whe you get ther it will be reavealed. I hopw you stay strong, and have a great time up there.

From A Visitor
I don’t live in Alaska so a resident could give better advice.I think Oneriver here on pnet is from Alaska you could contact him directly. You don’t say WW or sea kayak but assuming the latter I can suggest a couple of options. Just North of Anchorage(10 minutes or so) is Eklutna lake located at a small state park. Sits in a little valley and they have rentals there if you need. From Anchorage, Seward is about 100 miles south, but there you can paddle on Ressurection Bay. Beach access, beautiful scenery, and the chance of seeing whale, seals, sea otters, puffins, ect.There is also rental avaiable here, and guide service as well. Given the opportunity, definitely worth the drive down. I have seen paddlers in the Turnagain Arm just south of Anchorage, but not sure where they launched from. You might do a search to find info on paddling clubs in the area,I’m sure they will have a wealth of info. Post some pics from your outtings, love to see them.

Long time ago
I remember running around on Kenai Lake on a jet boat back in the 70s. I would bet it’s still an option for paddling. Also, try a little salmon fishing off of Homer Spitt. I haven’t been there since the pipeline was finished and the Railroad laid me off. You might find some interesting paddling in Denali Park. Thanks for serving. I hope you enjoy your time in the North.


Lucky You
I was in that area 5 yrs. ago for a few weeks with my sea kayak and had a blast. You are lucky to be relocating there. I paddled Kenai Lake, Tustamina Lake (a large, wild lake on the Kenai Peninsula with nearly no one on it) and Kenai Fiords area. Ressurection Bay can be accessed from Seward, as can Kenai Fiords, but it’s a long and hazardous paddle to the park with exposure to the Gulf of AK. You might want to hire a shuttle to Ailik Bay (gorgeous, but with tour boats). Wear a drysuit as the water was icy even in July. On the plus side the scenery is great and it never got dark. Good luck to you.