Anchorage to Seattle

Has anyone ever heard of anyone paddling from Anchorage to Seattle, or visa versa?

The trip has been completed but i have yet to find any book, or journal or live person who has completed it, this is what i am looking for.

I am aware of some books on the inside passage, but this is not the part of the trip that concerns me the most.

Paul Caffyn did Prince Rupert BC
and the entirety of the AK shoreline over 3 summers. Google Earth the stretch between Glacier Bay and Cordova for a desk bound thrillride.


Done the Goog Earth thing
Cool looking eh! I am excited!



For a start
You might look at “Homelands” by Byron Ricks and “Spirited Waters” by Jessica Hahn. Sounds like a great trip. I’m jealous!

No one has ever done it . . .
with a stereo.

Lordy… U people…
Soon there will be one who has, or perhalps one who has tried and failed, but who tried none the less.

And you will be immortal

a few years ago, 2 brothers
originally from New Zealand, but living and working in Victoria as teachers, paddled from here to Alaska, then paddled back. yes, you read that right. how intense is that? and they paddled across from the mainland, to the outside of VI and down the outside on the way back. holy hard men.

These guys can answer one of my largest questions better than anyone! Should i start from anchorage and go to Seattle (preferable as that is where i am) Or should i go from Seattle to Anchorage (most people i have heard of doing this trip did it this way)

Any idea of their names or a way to contact them?

Which way do the winds typically blow?