anchoring canoes/kayaks

I’m new here,but bear with me.An anchor is a big help on lakes and moderately-flowing creeks and rivers.A folding grapnel works well on rocky or grassy bottoms;A Danforth anchor with its’ flat flukes is what you want for sandy bottoms like creeks or rivers.I carry both on either of my water craft whenever I go out.Do I always use them?50/50 on that.Nice to have it…etc. etc.On the windward side of a landfall with no beach(lake)I anchor out far enough to get in without grounding the boat,then tie off the bow so she won’t float back out.Keeps the waves from beating her against the rocks.On a sandbar in a creek or river with no trees to tie off to,a Danforth pitched forward into the beach gives you an anchorage to catch your breath and regroup.Handy to have an anchor(just like lines from both bow AND stern).I hope this helps any of you out there.

Not saying this will work for you. But almost all the canoers and kaykers are using this method/ design. 2’ heavy chain drill hole in the front and rear of canoe or kayak drill a hole for screw with pulley and they are using a dog leash auto re-track and lock in place. You will be able to drop the chain anchor but you have to pull up the rope by hand. On the chain you put the chain in a bike tube and use wire pull ties and couplers and keep a sharp knife handy in case of emergency.