anchors away !!!!!

i paddled out to my favorite fishing spot and hooked my anchor to the trolley and the damn prongs of the anchor fell into 50 ft of water. anybody have that trouble also?? any ideas about another anchor, sure don’t want to pay another $40 for another(cheap i know but…)

Walmart sells weights for bar bells.
I picked up a 5 lb weight for less then $5.

I spent the rest of the $40 on a new ugly stick and trout lures.

For fresh water, why do you need the
prongs? The always seem to hang up on something. The dumbell weights work well. I use barbell weight too. Like the ones I can get at my local Walmart, they have spoke like holes that make it easy to attach a line to so they go straight down. I’ve also a 5lb cast lead weight the guy who sold me my kayak had made. It has a big eye bold in it for the line, works well. Though, if no fishing in current, you don’t need much more than 3lbs if the wind isn’t blowing much. $40 for an anchor sounds excessive.

"Good for nothing but

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a boat anchor." Ever heard the expression? My anchor is an old GFN (good for nothing...) brass safety pop valve, filled with sand, all openings capped with pipe caps, one cap having an eyebolt installed. Probably weighs 10 - 15#. If I loose it, Oh Well. I'll find another piece of junk that will do.

We’ll soon hear from someone who
uses window sash weights for an anchor. Those things really do work well, if you can find them. Unfortunately, I live mostly where the houses are less than 30 years old and don’t have sash weighs, so they’re difficult to find.

You can also find plastic anchors that you fill with sand for very little money, or even bag type anchors you also fill with sand or rocks. Both will work and, once through paddling, you can just dump them out. The bags fold up nicely for storage.

Chunks of Chain
Go to your local Lowe’s and have the guy in the hardware department cut you 3 to 5 one foot lengths of good sized chain. Put an inexspensive carabiner on your anchor rope and then add only the amount of chain you need to hold the boat still. If you loose it, which is not likely since there is little chance of hanging up a smooth chain, you are not out much and more is readily available.

Added functionality: If you have a stiff breeze, you can control your drift by only using one or two pieces of chain. The light “anchor” will not hold you fast but let you control the speed of your drift. And then with just a few strokes of your paddle you can contol the direction.

Clint (AKA Budd)

good idea
i’ve read of several different ways to use chain as an anchor but this way is very ingenious(?). thanks for the info.

another cheap and disposabl anchor …
is a good round rock, placed inside a basketball net, with the ends cinched up. when done, pitch the rock, save the net for next time

But if the bottom is muddy, you’ll have
one holy mess to clean up. If you use the chain and fish lakes or rivers with muddy water, be sure to clean that baby before lugging it back in the kayak.

But, what do you do if you live where
there are no rocks, except those decorative boulders

some people landscape with? Hang the net and play basketball?

Lewmar 2.2# Claw

The 2.2# Lewmar claw anchors are sold at West Marine for about $8. Rigged as CaptJack explains in the attached link, you should never lose it.

And, if Capt Jack says it, then it is so
He fishes a Pamilico tandem, think its a kevlar model, in the bays of the Texas Gulf Coast. Was at it long before the current crowd with their sit-on-tops. Gives great advice and has lots of rigging recomendations on