What type of anchors do ya’ll use in windy weather? Also if anyone in south louisiana could give me good fishing and launch locations.

Two types
If I plan to drift I use a 24" drift sock. If I want to stay in one spot I use a 3 lb. rubber coated dumbell.

great design that can be fond on " flyanglesonline", this is a flyfishing site that had a anchor design that will work on yaks and canoes. good luck …jeff

Hiya Chris…
Where yat?

My two favorite anchors for fishing in the marsh are a 10’ piece of PVC with a ‘T’ on top and cut at an angle at the other end and the $4 brush clip “anchors” that I buy at Academy. My “real” anchor is a 3# folding anchor but I don’t recall the last time I used it. I usually just leave it at home.

Where are you? What kind of fish do you want to target? Freshwater? Saltwater? Near what city?

I have a long list of potential fishing spots. E-mail me and I’ll send it to you.