Ancient paddler and a Sawyer

This week I pulled my canoe (a Sawyer CANADIAN) down from where it’s hung since 1987. Prior to that we both had an exciting and hazardous life. We traveled, fished, and raced. Towards the end of our journey, the canoe was badly damaged with four or five gashes in the hull and the aluminum gunnels bashed beyond salvage. I replaced the gunnels with ash ones and fiberglass patched the hull wounds. We continued life at a more gentle pace.

Today, I found the identification piece of the gunnel which I thought might be of some interest on this forum: 16 ’ LOA, 33" beam, 13" deep, load capacity 750 lbs @ 6" of freeboard. 3HP motor at maximum, approximate weight 64 pounds. It was always a “wet” boat, but it could fly. Somewhere in Sawyer’s printed matter I THINK it was listed as a flatwater racing craft.
Serial # SAW 026010575

Was designed for Quebec racing specs

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I had a Cruiser which was really fast.
I had a Charger which was 18 1/2 feet and the best canoe I have ever paddled.