And he's off again... paddle to Hawaii

Cyril Derreumaux is attempting to paddle to Hawaii again. He departed Monterey, CA yesterday on an expected 70 day unsupported journey to Hawaii. He made about 26 NM. he has a couple of days of decent weather window in which he can hopefully get past the wall - the are along CA coast where the winds and currents push you back to shore.

You may remember hearing of his attempt last year where he got caught and stayed in his cabin for multiple days before his boat broadsided and the sea anchor rope wrapped around his rudder. Conditions didn’t allow him to go into the water to clear the rudder, so he had to abandon the attempt.

A life well lived involves some risk.
For some people maximum risk seems to be the goal.

Hopefully my saying this doesnt jinx him to cause an issue at the end of the trip (a la Andrew McAuley), but early congrads to Cyril. He is expected to reach Hilo, HI tomorrow.

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It amazes me when things like this are accomplished. If you look at the course taken it is the standard passage to Hawaii to head SSW to the trade winds and use them to go west from there.


I got this heads up from a fellow paddler. She keeps up with the adventure paddling and sailing. Too my benefit she keeps me up to date.

“Cyril Derreumaux is 3 days (70 nm) from Hawaii. He’s paddling a very different kayak than the stock tandem that Ed Gillet paddled in 1987.”

He did land today in Hilo. Finished!