and kayak covers; need advice

Also, can someone recommend a good source for kayak covers? Not sure what brand to buy and would appreciate suggestions.


I looked around
and found several. However they were more expensive than I imagined.

Went to Walmart and bought some sunbrella and a six foot zipper and made my own.


kayak covers
Would that be in the fabric section or boating? I was also thinking perhaps Tyvek is a possibility? Wished some company made a good kayak cover in the $75 to $100 range(…it is possible to get a small boat cover for even less than that in Walmart…why not kayaks? :slight_smile:


Check out Dannuu covers, they’re what we use and sell in our shop. If you are shopping for them in the Chicago area visit Great Lakes Kayak in Lake Bluff.

I found my material in the fabric
section. I actually got it as a reminant at a discount.

I saw the post aobut the Dannuu cover which I also looked at on line. I think that they make a nice cover. However, a big part of what I was after was to keep the critters out. In NC we are cover over with spiders and snakes and I did not want to find any hitch hikers after getting in the cockpit. So, I wanted a cover that closed up and I sewed a zipper in at one end. I also sewed a piece of screen along the bottom to vent the cover.

All depends on what you are after as to what you should make or buy.


kayak covers
I did check their website but a cover for my surfski would be $189.00; a little pricey…but maybe they are worth it;do you know what material they use in their covers?

Danuu not Dannuu
Whoops. misspelled it last time. I’m not certain exactly what the material is, though I know it is a teched out nylon (a la cordura) that is tough as nails but breaths (so your kayak doesn’t get funky).

Kayak Covers

Not trying to be a smart ass
because I bought one for my QCC for driving in the rain…but I later began car topping the kayak upside down so no water could get in any way while on the road. If you camp, you probably need one.

Try Cabella’s
I think I got mine for about $89 or so. They are canoe/kayak covers in various lengths. I bought it and never have used it.

It was actually only about $69 for an 18ft version. Search Cabela’s Kayak covers.

Full zippered cover
If what you are looking for is for a full zippered boat cover go to Cabela’s. They sell a canoe/kayak cover that is between 60&70$. I bought one for one of my kayaks. Good quality! Great buy. Bought last year. Very happy with buy.

I believe I will definitely buy the 18 ft from Cabellas…but I also need a 21ft for my surfski…open to any other suggestions!

Thanks bunches…this is a great site!

Check out the Bag Lady.

This is who was suggest to me when I requested advice for a cover for my Sawyer Summersong canoe. They make custom fit covers for both canoes and kayaks and can be used for both storage and transportation.

I haven’t purchased a cover yet because I bought a tarp to cover my outside boat rack instead. I recently rented a garage to store boats and other stuff, so probably won’t buy a cover this year.

Nobody suggested the Cabella’s option to me earlier this summer. They’re a little less expensive than the Bag Lady, but may not fit as precisely.

Good luck. Let us know what you buy and how you like it.

but worth every penny:

Message board has one
Under Accessories for sale, there is a bag for sale for $90. in Pa. Also looks like a great deal on a Epic carbon mid wing.

Covers for kayaks, like buying a…

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cover for a car -- it ain't done with any frequency at all because of the issues. Patty: Just so you are aware, covers, even on plastic kayaks, cause mildewing (see other post on this site) and even the most breathable cover lets in water. If you are keeping kayak outside, the cover--even if waterproof, which is unlikely--will not be condensation proof for water in and around the kayak. I think a good cockpit cover is best. The only thing I can think of that might be better with the hassle and cost of a cover is UV protection (rent a garage, put under a tree or protected area, etc.) or if you are going to be banging around the kayak in it's place of storage, then maybe a cover will help. As someone wrote above, you will not likely spend the time to put on this cover if you use the yak with fair frequency, and you almost certainly will stop using it when the kayak, and the cover itself, becomes nasty and moldy. You have asked a question that posters who write in likely use their covers; but in general, I would wager that 95+% of kayakers and canoeists do not cover their vessels but instead most try to keep them under cover of a roof if possible.

Go cheap, buy a plastic tarp, get a good
one, large enough for your kayak, wrap it around the kayak, and bungee into place. Canvas may be better, it breaths a bit, but is more expensive.

UV Protection
I need to cover mine while it’s on our dock [in the summer, especially]. Not to keep rain out but to protect it from the morning sun. Is this important [carbon kayak] enough to worry about? What kind of cover would be best? I have tarps but they’re so darned awkward, especially with the bungees I have holding my boat in place with the dock cleats.

kayak cover
Another vote for the Cabela’s canoe/kayak cover. I’ve used mine summer and winter, the former for UV protection, and the latter to keep it clean and critter-free in my cellar. No problems yet with condensation or mildew.