and speaking of pockets

I love my old Immersion Research neoprene Sprayskirt in large part because of the significant pocket sewn into the skirt. With a keyhole cockpit especially, it is nice to have an area right in front of you to keep things like a notepad, GPS, etc. I am surprised that they do not make this anymore, nor can I find a comparable sprayskirt anywhere. I believe I did see a couple fabric (e.g., nylon) skirts with a pocket and I saw some sort of gizmo with straps that buckles onto some manufacturers sprayskirt, but can’t find any simple neoprene sprayskirt with an integral pocket. Have I not looked well enough? Is there some reason why this brilliant idea has seemingly been abandoned? Maybe I’m just venting.

Seals has it as an option
Seals has a “gear pocket” which can be added to many of their skirts using tabs built into the skirt (though some higher end skirts don’t have these tabs).

It’s not you
That was my best selling Sprayskirt as pocket-age is a might good thing especially as it’s a bungee rand Shockwave skirt the pocket is sewn into. Much more appropriate to composite coaming rims than a thick rubber rand.

Unfortunately no one else seemed to try it to find out how much they’d appreciate the extra stow space.

Ok, you were venting and now I’m lamenting.

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You can add storage yourself. I’ve done
some complex and technical mods to sprayskirts. All of which are classified.

Custom Order
I have the Seals Pocket and a custom Sea Sprite and it is nice to have some extra storage on deck. The only Seals skirts with the attachment loops are their hybrid neo decks with nylon tunnels.

There are a few more integrated pocket options with Seals if you consider the nylon skirts, such as the Sneak and the various Tour skirts.

I have had Seals make a custom skirt in the past and the price wasn’t that bad. You could try to contact them to see if they would add the loops to the neo skirts or even integrate a pocket.

You also might want to try IR – they might have a custom option for you.