And this really happened...

When animals fight back… From a kayak tour in NZ. Hopefully the link works…

Sharing tako. That is an expensive piece of sushi getting flung around.


I thought the same thing. I bet the octopus didn’t think it was fun.

Maybe the seal was tenderizing the tako?

I watched it several times, burst out laughing the first three while l sorted out what was being flung. Thanks!!!

In this area, I have seen sea lions here at the surface with larger food items (usually fish or small sharks) shaking them back and forth, presumably to break pieces off that are easier to swallow. In Monterey area, they are known for throwing the smaller mola molas like a frisbee in order to eat the fins (a quick search for mola mola frisbee found this video:

And many times animals that are in the midst of feeding don’t seem to be fully aware of kayaks, as seen by the many times I’ve had pelicans dive bomb into the water right next to me, only to look up in wonder at me being there.

So my guess is that the seal? (I would have said seal lion, but I don;t know NZ marine mammals) was in the dist of trying to kill or break apart (or tenderize) the tako and accidentally did so next to the kayak.

Just like Florida kayakers, swimmers, etc moving close to feeding zones. … Then a toothy critters surprises them. Every knows to stand off and cast to the feed. Tourists just wade in.

Thank god, there is no shark! It is a bit scary moments for the new kayakers.

Those guys were lucky that daddy sea lion was not there and that it wasn’t a Steller.