And wood kayak builders here?

Any of you guys wood kayak builders? I am new to this forum and spend more time on the Kayak Building BB than I have here.

Getting extremely close to starting on another kayak. I have been dreaming about this for several years now. I built a 13’ tortured plywood boat several years ago.

We sold my house and buiot another one. Taken three years but this is finally finished. I finally have a huge shop and Space to build boats. Spent the past week rearranging and dumping junk out of the shop. Opened up the space to start on a pair of Kayaks. Just curious if we had other builders on here and what you built.

Pgymy 17’ Arctic Tern HV
Hardly ever use it, cuz…

“Dammit Spock! I’m a canoeist, not a kayaker!”


Moving to row boats. Prefer open boats
and want more room. I’m finishing a 14 ft mouse boat as my first. Next will be one of Jim Michalak’s designs or a dory from either John Welsford or Gavin Atkins.

Quite an attention getter at the ramp and great for what I wanted for on the water. Hoping to build a SOF this winter.

Superior Kayaks/CLC Arctic Hawk
Here’s the S&G boat I built:

It was a great deal of fun building that boat, and even more fun paddling it! :slight_smile:

Now my interests are moving more towards SOF building, so I’m finally getting ready to build my first SOF boat.

Enjoy your new workshop!


design and build
design and build.

website in my profile.

I have built two and a half Patuxant 19.
I have built two and a half CLC Patuxant 19.5’s.

Built my own, then another for a close friend, and later helped another friend build hers (doing about half of the building).

It was a pretty easy kayak to build and a great kayak to paddle fast in calm water.

It definately gets easier every time.

"easier every time"
I’ve only built one S&G boat so far, but during and after the building of this boat, I thought about several little things I’d do differently the next time around; things that weren’t suggested in the building manual. Some were just time management/efficiency things, and others have to do with certain building steps along the way.

Before I built this boat, my only real woodworking experiences were building a chessboard in a Jr. H.S. shop class, and creating my boat building shop from a bare garage prior to building this boat. I learned so much during the building process, and I know that future building projects will benefit from what I’ve learned.

When I finished this boat, I might have expected to feel pride, but what I really felt was gratitude for having had the chance to bring such a beautiful boat into the world with my own two hands (plus the help of the designer, kit company, and some other builders on various Internet forums, of course).


built 9 so far
thinking of building a CLC Pax20, hey yetiman how does the Pax do in “not so calm” water?

Two so far, more to follow
I also post on the KBBB. I’ve built two strippers so far. I already have plans for a third, but I have a few other projects to do before I can start it.

The two I’ve built are a One Ocean Kayaks Expedition (my boat) and a Redfish Parr for my five year old boy. The next one will be a Redfish King, and after that I might build a One Ocean Kayaks Storm. Actually, my next one will probably be a OOK Cirrus SLT for one of my nephews, but the plans aren’t out yet, Vaclav is still working on the design.

I also build my own paddles using a combination of wood, foam, and carbon fiber.


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Pedro Almeida


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I've built several canoes and kayaks:

Freedom 17
Wee Lassie Modified
Most of a Soul Mate

Plywood version of my SOF
Siskiwit Bay
Nikumi in clear

Now, I'm building the Iggy. A strip version of Ken Taylor's 1959 kayak that became the AA. This is also built by Island Kayaks and called the Quaarsut.


Hey Bryan
I don’t know if I ever told you, but your Siskiwit Bay look like a blast to paddle in a rough sea. How does it surf?

Pedro Almeida

Have done two of my own, panels cut for another -have had a hand in on about half a dozen others with friends, plus a workshop where six owner-builders did their own VKs in about 10 days. Off to help tack-glue a hull with a friend in the morning.

Just one
Merganser 16 S&G from a kit.

That’s probably it for me. I like the “commercial” kayaks (hull design) better though wood definitely is prettiest.

CLC 17
My first kayak and it too was a head turner. Still have it.


Guillemot ES
I new here also, I built a Guillemot ES. I paddled the Maine Island Trail this summer from Kittery to Machias. The boat handled like a dream.

Wow, more than I expected from what I have been reading. Glad to hear it.

Brian H., I am farmiliar with your web site. Read several things on there.

On my third right now…
I’m currently building a Bear Mountain Enterprise (a stitch and glue kayak). My build journal is here:

I’ve previously built a Pygmy Coho and a Pygmy Osprey Double. Those builds and others (including a Pygmy Arctic Tern 14, as well as custome designed yaks are documented here:


Have built 2, currently on my 3rd.
I built Nick Schade’s Hybrid Night Heron, and also a SOF.

Am currently building Joe Greenley’s King.

Like Watersprite, I am more grateful than anything else…that I discovered my love for boatbuilding.