and yet another boat......

I currently have in the “fleet” Wilderness systems Zephyr 155, Pyrahna Speeder, Current Designs Whistler, Dagger Manatou 14, Dagger Manatou II. I have had several WW boats including a Pyrahna Fusion and a Liquid Logic Stinger.
I have been paddling since I was a little kid, but now I am 55 and no longer play in big water as much as I used to. I thought I had a pretty well rounded stable of boats for whatever water I am near (I travel for work). but I find I am wanting another swing at the mythical crossover boat. None of my current boats are great at rock gardening, surf or WW
I stumbled upon Soul Waterman kayaks and found a possible good fit in the Soul District 11. Judging from everything I have read it seems like a good cross of the Pyrahna Speeder and the LL Stinger.
It has been a while since I have been on this board but have learned a lot from the people here, I was just looking for input in my thought process,
I am 5’ 11", 190 lbs, physically fit, just not flexible enough to do a reliable wet entry into a cockpit smaller than 34" long. with size 10.5 feet. I have set my boat weight limit at 55 lbs, ( because hey, I’m 55). I got rid of the Fusion and the Stinger because they caused a wake like a bathtub at speed, The Stinger was close to being great, but it weighed 69lbs when scaled, (still not getting any younger).
I will probably not be seeing any class 4 or 5 white water any time soon, and my rock gardening is no longer an extreme sporting event, I just like to go out and play.
My wife is going to ask me if I have considered EVERY possible option before adding a boat. What other options (if any) am I missing?

I would have thought the fusion would have been good for rock gardening and ww.

The Fusion is decent in WW, and very good for somebody like me in rock gardening, The problem is getting there, or after the active water. In flat water it plows like a bath tub, the stinger was a little better but the blunt WW noses don’t part water once the boat gets on plane. My Speeder is not bad in class 2, it is just to long. This is why I think the District 11 may do the trick, it has the length and tail of a stinger for turning, and the nose of the speeder to cut water once the boat gets on plane.
Part of my problem is that I spent a lot of time in efficient touring boats, I had a Valley Avocet that I loved, but age and lack of flexibility; inability to reliably do wet entrys, lead to its sale. This makes me really dislike the “plowing” most WW boats do when you hit the flat water. I looked at the Sterling Progression, but it was way more boat than I could justify having a hack (myself) destroy a work of art. That is why I still have my poly Zephyr.
I guess I am not a “real” WW or rough water guy, more of a open water touring guy that likes to play in the rough when opportunity knocks.
This is why I still seek the unicorn of kayaks.

Similar to a Jackson Karma RG. 4 inches shorter.

yeah, at your weight I would have said Karma RG

Is the Karma dependant on getting up on plane (since it appears to have a pretty flat bottom) before it becomes responsive? I initially dismissed the karma due to its weight and was unaware of the RG model with the rear bulkhead.