And yet another sliding seat question

While looking at the seat options in the WeNoNah catalog it seemed to me that the floor mounted sliding seat would hinder a person from kneeling…it looks as though the sliding apparatus for the seat would be in the way…I’m speaking of a solo canoe sliding seat…I would appreciate any comments…

In my Wenonah Voyager, the seat
would definately be in the way of kneeling unless you put yourself way forward of it.

Slider in my Advantage
was definitely in the way when I tried to kneel. It is one reason (of several) that I no longer have the boat. i used to do hit-n-switch paddling in the Advantage from a standard seated position; now I exclusively paddle kneeling- in a different boat. The slider certainly is great for trimming the load, though.

Designed for sitting…
Most of these solos were really designed to be paddled sitting. The seats are mounted low enough so your center of gravity is a bit lower, and you wouldn’t gain much by kneeling – except maybe sore kneecaps.

I don’t want to start a big debate about sitting vs. kneeling; different strokes, as they say.

But if you try paddling these boats sitting, I think you’ll find they’re pretty comfortable.

And, since the Voyager and Advantage have fairly narrow gunwhales, you can position the seat and footbrace so your knees can wedge under the gunwhales when desired, sort of like with a kayak. Gives a little extra control and leverage for turning, or for times when the waves are a little bouncy. For most people, that sort of control is probably harder to achieve when kneeling.

With some of the wider solos, you may be able to fit your feet alongside the seat. But the transition back and forth might be a little awkward.

My 2cents’ worth…