Hey there-

I’ve heard there is some good flat water paddling on the Androscoggin near Bethel Maine that offers great views of the Northern Presi’s. Can anyone offer a good put in? I’m assuming this is around Bethel…

My wife is pregnant so we’re trying to find some good paddling that’s not too strenuous.



has walkway that parallels the route 2. Nice scenery but you cannot see the Presidentials from there.


The put in in Bethel is at the Rt2 bridge, you can take out at a public launch in Rumford, about twenty miles, nice easy paddle, pleasant scenery but no view of the Whites.

Might also consider the Magalloway river. First put in is in Wilsons Mills just a bit below the Aziscohos dam, Can take out at The Umbagog refuge headquarters in Wentworth Location or from there you can paddle another 7 miles or so to where it joins the Androscoggin at Lake Umbagog. Take out would be about three or four miles down the Andros on Rt 16 in Errol NH or you could paddle the length of Umbagog and take out at the public launch at Rt 26. If you do the lake, mind the winds, they can be a real bear if they’re against you. Would be a long day but worth it. If you must have a view of the Whites could put in at the Pontook dam in Dummer NH and pootle around a bit.

Happy paddling.