Andy in Beaufort.

We’re headed that way soon. Any paddles you would recommend that beginners can handle?

tennis racket

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and a headnet/cotton gloves

wear long pants socks over bottoms baseball style.

bring DEET.

apply DEET to socks n bandana wear around neck or on sunhat.

a GPS with marine charts is prob a good idea.

Wal has brown 'ripstop' hiker cargo pants that are a bargain. One brown is not riptos and one is ripstop. Check for the rectangle pattern.

many wonderful options

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As you know, our tides can run 6 to 9 feet keeping views varied and current up to 2 knots in some places. Opposing wind can yield substantial chop. All of the public landings provide equally good options to launch for recovery at same or shuttle to another for run with tides. I can offer some assistance there if free that day from some volunteer projects. In general would suggest staying on marshes and off beaches. Have you paddled here before or have time or distance expectations for your group? And while here, check out Grayco lumber yard. Lots of clear grained cedar in 1, 2 and 4 inch thickness and lengths to 16 feet. Wonderful gent Mo at front counter will be happy to help you find some additional paddle stock.

Thanks for the lumber tip Andy.
We will be staying in the marsh.My grandson is the only close to competent paddler in the crowd so We’ll have to play the tides carefully.