animated knots

Bless Your Heart!
What a terrific site…and fun, too!

“The rabbit goes round the tree, then into the hole…” is too hard to remember.

At last! The right site! Thank you…
…thank you, thank you!

All these years, I could never get past that McCrea Not-Knot, and my shanked Sheepish Knotts. But then, by Don! I was using this wrong site:

Thanks Babs, ya saved me! Got this one bookmarked now.

Attaboy, Luther!

This is a great tool to have. I’ve stored it for furure reference. Nice of you to share.

Very well done…
I’m loading this into my onboard canoe computer so I have it available all the time! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was fun …
… looked at them all … were’s mine ??

Great site. Thanks.

knot ! knot ! whos thre ??
hi babs , i ran across that web site about a year ago…handy site for the knot-challenged

I’m glad
everyone is enjoying it. I thought the kids would get a kick out of it…oh wait…WE ARE…

Now lets see how much of that info I can retain

I just found out I’ve been tying a bowline wrong all these years.Not to mention the mess I’ve made of other knots, being an all thumbs kinda person. I’ve bookmarked this one.

best referance I’ve ever seen
I’ve been boating for 25 years, seen all differenet types of books on knots, but this is the best referance I’ve seen so far. Thanks.

I can use this one with my cub scouts.