Ankle Wraps

I have a weak ankle. Can anyone recommend an ankle brace for SUPing?

Googled ankle braces and see there’s several types. It’s in your best interests to get a professional evaluation and recommendation so you don’t hurt yourself. Any physical therapists in your area? You should also get a list of exercises to strengthen the ankle so you can have more fun on the water now and in your future years.

Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback. I have tried physical therapy and seen an orthopedic surgeon. They can’t tell me what is wrong with it. The only thing that keeps the pain bearable is a cream. I’m just looking for a brace that will maintain support when wet, so I can get back on my board.

Oh dear, that’s a bummer. Can you call either one and ask for a recommendation? Or maybe try a DYI sports tape which you can easily reposition if it doesn’t feel supportive?

Good on you for not letting it slow you down.