Ann Arbor Michigan?

Hello. I will be visiting Ann Arbor in July. Any recommendations for paddling near by? Will need an outfitter to rent too. Thanks.

Huron River, West of Town
I lived in A2 many years ago so don’t have current info. There is a good stretch of the Huron river west of town that makes a nice afternoon or morning paddle. Several canoe liveries there if you google.

Huron River
The Huron is a convenient place to paddle just west of Ann Arbor as Seadart mentioned. There are several Metroparks along the river so you would have some picnic options as well if you like. Skip’s canoe livery is near the Delhi Metropark and the link is:

If you enjoy lake paddling, Pinckney Recreation area is also quite close and has a chain of lakes. I don’t know if there are canoe rentals there, however.


If you want scenic lake canoeing …
try Kent Lake in Kensington Metro Park. You can rent canoes and recreational kayaks. The Lake is a big expanse of attractive scenery.

head west young man
Pinckney State Recreation area is about 1/2 hour drive west of town, and the ticket if you’re looking for a less developed area. Nice chain of lakes and a few liveries:

An Hour Away from A2
The Shiawassee River id 1 hour from Ann Arbor

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Fairbanks Canoes & Kayaks

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Riverside Kayak Connection is the best outfitter in the region. Wyandotte is about 45 minutes east of Ann Arbor, but easily accessible and you can put in near the shop and be on the Detroit River and you’re a short paddle away from some of the wildlife areas where the river meets Lake Erie.You can rent, take one of their summer weeknight paddle trips or particpate in anyone of their activities. In the summer they hose “canal” tours near Detroit and I hear it’s a cool trip. Their site will have trip updates closer to summer.

Kayak Coral is closer to Ann Arbor in Saline Michigan, it’s a good shop and I assume you can rent, but not 100% sure.

I second that the Huron River corridor is a great place to paddle. Lots of river miles, put-in’s and scenic areas. There are several liveries as well. There are also some of “ponds” and wider damned up areas of the Huron that form Ford, Bellville lakes. There are only three spots with some ripple rapids. the city also just finished a new paddlers bypass route around Argo Pond near downtown. I believe there is a livery above the dam and you can drop through 7-8 wiers and then re-enter the main Huron River below the bypass. This is just completed, so I haven’t had a chance to see it in person.

Not as familiar with the smaller MDNR lakes and ponds, but you won’t have to look hard to dip a paddle. You are also 2 hours away from the Erie Islands in the western basin of Lake Erie where there are more paddling opportunities.