Annsville Paddling Launch Closed?

-- Last Updated: Dec-11-11 2:18 AM EST --

This is a question about a launch on the Hudson near Peekskill.

The parking lot is open but the dock has a cord across it. It may be to keep the birds from mucking up the dock, but it looks to me like they don't want anyone launching from the dock....

Anybody know whether the dock is off-limits and not to be used?

If it helps…
That launch is part of the Hudson Highlands State Park, a series of separate parcels, though there is also a relationship with the paddlesports center. But the center is closed for the season.

I just looked and didn’t see anything posted on the NY state web page for that site indicating access was restricted over the winter. Of course that could mean that whoever was doing that just retired…

go ahead
If the dock is there go ahead and use it. No one cares.

At some point the dock gets pulled for the winter.

Thanks all for the info!

Dock gets pulled for the winter?
That is sad.

What else?
If you don’t pull the dock, the current on the Hudson will drive ice into it and tear it loose - then all you have is a very cold swimming platform somewhere off Sandy Hook.

Tongue in cheek?
I suspect that the issue of winter ice is apparent…

Mintjulep is likely right on key.
Here on the river we live next to, most folks pull their docks. When the ice expands and contracts it tends to tear docks off from bases and they can be seen floating downriver in the spring.

southerner’s prospective
You’re forgiven. :wink: