anodsied security bar

Hi guys, anyone know where I can get a 2 inch anodised security bar for my sea kayak. thanks

Is it two inches thick, long, round or what?

Are you looking for an eyelet to install in your kayak? is a good source of premade components.

You are looking for anodized aluminum bracket - stainless will be insignificantly heavier, probably easier to find.

I am just as confused as suiram.
Are you looking to install something inside your kayak?

Are you looking for an adjustable bar to wedge inside your boat?

Are you looking for aluminum (commonly anodized to protect against corrosion in marine environments)?


anodized bar
Hi Im looking to fix a 2 inch long bracket to the back of the cockpet to secure a chain to the roof rack just like the ones you see on certian kayaks.Sorry if i didint make myself clear.

Since you are looking for one, your bolt probably wasn’t molded with the intentions of having one installed. That also means tha the piece you are looking for isn’t made as a bolt on accessory. Now if you had one, and it fell off, contact your dealer, and they can get you a replacement.

My recommendation, is to pick up a stainless steel U-bolt from a hardware store along with a couple nylock nuts. A thief that carries a wrench and will spend the time to unbolt it from your boat will also have the necessary tools to remove any other type of security device you install. Your intentions are really just to slow them down or deter them from a joyride.

He’s talking about the bar some kayaks
have installed behind the cockpit, over an indented area so one could run a cable under it to lock ones kayak, usually with the type of bolt head you can’t unscrew from the outside, ya know like the bolts that hold rest area john doors together. Seems all whiteH2o boats have 'em.

It doesn’t have to end there

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What a person COULD do in this case is much better than making it inconvenient to steal. First, you could have a welder lay a bead of hard-surfacing on the U-bolt, and no hacksaw could touch it. On the inside, you could apply a giant Vise-grips to the nuts and squish them a bit, so no wrench could remove them (it's almost as good to simply "bugger-up" the exposed threads, and that's even easier). That would stop just about anybody from defeating the U-bolt portion of the system.

look for a Pad-eye
If you go to a marine supplier you’ll find a number of “Pad-eyes” that are made for this type of purpose. Many lie flat when not in use, and they’ll be stainless steel which is much harder to cut than mild steel. (Don’t even consider aluminum, because it can be cut with woodworking tools - it’s very soft.)

Makes sense now.

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The suggestions about the U bolts seem good to me. A check of the West Marine caralog will turn up such a bolt, specifically designed for marine apps, with a nice rubber gasket.

As long as the protruding bolt is not in teh way, this is a simple solution.


Here is a link to a 3/8" U bolt. Something to consider is that one can hacksaw through a 1/4" bolt fairly quickly. A 3/8" will take almost three times the effort.

anodised bar
thanks to all for your advice, problem sloved.