Another 4-H project, wood canoe

We’ve decided to build a cedar strip canoe for next years woodworking


We’ve decided on a length of 9 ft, since we live close to Minnesota and there anything over 9 ft needs a registration. It would carry one person.

My question is how high should the bow be? She would expect to paddle in some waves.

Another question is about a slight V bottom. Would some “V” be alright?

Lastly have any of you steam bent cedar and does it steam and bend well?

We would appreciate any help, as like what came last time with our paddle project.

Not Too Many. . .
You won’t find too many 9 foot canoes, but you can get close. Here are some sites for inspiration:

Check out The Wooden Canoe Heritage Assoc. is a wealth of info.

small strippers

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Not all canoes, but nice. Should give you some ideas about proportions.

Thanks a bunch!