Another, ahum, VHF Question

I have an ICOM handheld. I rarely use it, in fact rarely take it on paddles. When I do take it I keep it in my underdeck bag. A better place might be on my lifevest. Has anyone found a clip, like the ones used for a knive which could be used to clip the VHF to your lifevest?

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I have the rather large M32…
It has a clip but would be difficult to clip to the square. If I want it on me I put it in a PFD pocket, but mostly it’s in my underdeck bag and tethered.

I tied a peice of string
to the teather thats on the radio and a small clip to the other end of the string that gets clipped to a D ring inside the vest pocket that it is kept in. This works well and I know I will have it available when it’s needed without worrying if it might get dropped and sink.

Our Kokatat MsFit PFDs
have an electronics pocket for our Uniden Voyager handhelds. It lets us tether our handhelds to the pocket.

I bought a few of the Thermoplastic patches to sew on my pack as lash points.

I am sure they would work on a vest.

I’ll save Bryan Nystrom the trouble

What I don’t get

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from those photos is how the radio stays in the clip. I have the iCom m88 which I think is pictured on Bryan's site but it seems to me the radio swivels and falls out of that clip they provide very easily. Maybe I'm putting it on wrong?

edit: it looks like the bungie keeps it from swiveling. Is it really that secure?

good pfd with…
a pocket that will accomodate the radio. Tethered the interior d ring and your all set. I always carry mine in my pfd pocket.

I have the small version and it came with a clip used to attach to your belt. I want to use a clip to attach it to the square thing on the pfd strap. I may just buy a knife with one of those clips and do surgery.



Kokatat PFD’s with the radio pocket. Tether it with the d-ring in the pocket.

Yes, it’s secure
I’ve been using mine this way for several years, as have many of the people I paddle with. AFAIK, none of us have had a radio come loose, even during rescue training and getting pummelled in surf. Notice that I do use a short lanyard from the radio to the shoulder strap, just in case if ever does come loose.

The clip that comes with the M88 locks in place, but check the diagram in the instruction manual. Personally, I put mine in my PFD pocket and it does (barely) fit in an Astral Tempo 300. Should fit most pockets, actually.