Another big thanks to QCC's first class


My 700 is 4 years old now, and a week ago I broke the plastic track on my left rudder peg.

I gave Phil a call to see if there was any one at Seal Line that was handling problems like this.

He said don’t worry about it, and yesterday I received by UPS from QCC a set of both left and right aluminum tracks, foot pegs and peddles.

They are truly a first class company with a first class boat.



I was feeling special till now
When Mine broke Phil sent me one new plastic footpeg to replace it.

Thanks for raining on my parade JackL :o(>

Honestly they do have great customer service. I bet that’s just all they had in stock. I bet Phil really likes me best.



I’m just praying for
a QCC1000 i.e. a 20 foot x 20 inch variation on the QCC700…I do have new kayak hunger so where are you Phil???

I talked with the owner
last week, and he said that they are playing around with several things like that.

I want it to stay 18 feet though and be 19 inches wide so I can stay in the sea kayak class.

I mentioned that the new Epic would be faster than the current 700, and that seemed to arouse his interest.

I had already told Phil to put me first on the list for one.

Evidently they have quite a bit of interest in a narrower 700.



Hi Jack
I think I will email Phil tomorrow about your idea. Being fat and out of shape with no great desire to have guys like you pass me in a race, I think I’ll just paddle happily with the club. I would like a longer skinnier version of the 700 though. Good idea. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope, like me you are truly thankful!


JackL kwitsdchyerwhyning
and build a fast seakayak! The Canunut has won the Nationals two years in a row in his age/class. Get the formes from him and build one! What else do you have to do now that you have built the bunk house?

I have been dreaming about building
one, but now “the bride” wants an addition on the kitchen dining area, and when the boss speaks I jump.

I was toying with the idea of making a wood stripper using my QCC as the model, but making it two inches narrower.

Need to do a lot of research, etc.

I figured I would tap his brain when and if I ever get started.

I want to cut all the stuff myself, and design it myself.



Reinvent the wheel?
The design has won the nationals, had input from John Winters, the molds were cnc cut, … It doesn’t get any better then that.

The QCC is John Winters design also


Have to agree

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As much as I would like to (and will eventually) design and built, for what JackL wants that design canunut's been paddling is perfect.

It's much faster than his QCC and 100% optimized for the Sea Kayak class.

JackL's thoughts about something narrower are interesting too, but a 19" beam (and good bit less BWL) will bump it into unlimited if he's talking USCA Kayak rules. It won't meet (bogus 10% overall ratio role or the 8.5% 4" WL ratio rule. Once you're there, might as well add a little length...

Personally I'd say screw the rules and build what you want to paddle (like my "Unlimited" SOF *L*) - but since JackL specified he wants to stay in the 18' and under class - I gotta repeat that a "Grace" like Jonathan/Steve's would be perfect.

For a longer narrower strip design that fits one class up in Touring - Nick's Mystery is pretty sweet too. Not for those twisty river races though. Also class optimized (shows in the similarity of these two from different designers - both show what happens when you are limited by the specs - and really push their limits).

Smith/Winters/Canunut Design
Hi, Jonathan Smith here. I collaborated with John Winters on a kayak to meet the USCA Touring class specs as well as Sound Rowers Fast Sea Kayak class specs. This is the kayak that Steve Roseneau, aka canunut or baldpaddler, has won a number of races in including the USCA marathon and sprint events.

Steve was interested enough in the project to volunteer to build two cedar strippers, one for him & one for me, for the cost of the materials and the CNC forms. I happily payed for these items to get Steve’s building experience and time. I did not know it at the time, but I also got a great paddler who has provided a lot of excellent feedback and brought the boat to many of you through races around the east coast.

I was motivated to pursue this project because of a frustration with the USCA kayak class specs. It just did not make sense that my QCC700, the Seda Glider as well as other popular touring kayaks did not meet their specs, while potentially much faster boats did. When I failed in my straight forward style to influence the USCA to improve their specs, I decided to design a boat that would meet their specs and hopefully make a statement about the faults of their specs. I could not have asked more of the kayak with Steve paddling it. However, the only influence it seems to have had was to bolster a small industry-freindly contingent within the USCA that wants to ban all non-production kayaks with runs of less than 200 units.

Anyway, there are only three kayaks out there that seem competitive in this class: The custom Smith/Winters boat discussed here, the Epic Endurance 18 and the new Epic 18X. By the way, the Epic 18X does not meet the Sound Rowers FSK spec, which tells me that Epic is hanging their hat solely on the USCA. Obvioulsy they feel pretty confident that the future direction of the USCA will be favorable to their business.

Now I have not done much with the design over the last few years as I have been pretty busy building a career in the sailboat industry. However, I would love to see the kayak being built in carbon composites by somebody. I would gladly give up cedar strip prototype for use as a plug along with a list of minor modifications to an enterprising individual who knows how to work in composites. I would like to maintain control of the design, branding, sales & marketing, but think there is an opportunity for a small shop to profit from the manufacturing. I would also like to keep Steve on chief test pilot.

I also have an idea for a full line of sea kayaks aimed at a fast growing segment of the market that is currently not being met by the big boys. So if we can get something started with this boat, there may be a rare opportunity to create a new brand.

Please email me if you are interested in seeing this boat go to the next level.

Jonathan Smith

Got a guy you need to chat with
I may know a guy who could do exactly what you want in regards to infusing a cored carbon boat, while letting you retain all the rights etc. E-mail me directly for his information.