Another BigBoy Yak

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I already own a Impex Assateague but now am looking for a slightly smaller (length) yak that I can use for the following purposes:

- Second boat for me and available for my wife if she wants to go with me or anyone else that may want to
- Okay to beat on it, drag across gravel bottoms, seashells, sticks, etc. Basically who cares, I am not looking to baby it.
- Want to be able to use it on lazy ponds and rivers as well as running it on class I/II occassional WW.
- Still want it to have a width of no more than 24"
- Needs to have a fairly big cockpit (minimum 32" X 16.5"), but not a totally open cockpit
- Accomodate long legs (36") and size 12/13 shoe

Any ideas of boats that may fit the purpose? I have a few ideas, but want to see what other's have used. I allready looked at Wes Boyd's site, but it is geared more to kakays for the sea, which I already have, and not what I am looking for now. Also, so of the information on his site is dated.

Inexpensive is good. Used is better. Very Inexpensive and used is best.



A Diamante/Susquehanna?
How big is big? I am 5’10", 225lbs.

I picked up a used Diamante last year. It is the same boat as the Impex Susquehanna…though an older model and initially built in either G.B. or Canada. The current Susquehannas differ in that they have the VCP type hatch. I have been told that this is a great all around boat that will handle any conditions you choose to use it in.


Brother “big guy"
I have just the answer for you! I have an Assateague for the summer on big water, and the Bay, but I hesitated to take it on smaller lakes, and rocky creeks. I am a big guy, weighing 270 Lb. I am into my 5th season of kayaking.

I bought an Emotion “Edge” for my “winter play boat”, and have been having a ball with it. It is 9’8” long, and 28-29" wide. The cockpit is a little extra long, but not extra wide. It fits, in width, only a little wider than the Assateague.

They put a lot of thought in this little kayak. It is a swede form to make it cut thru the water a little easier, and it has hard chines to make it a little more manoervable (spelling?). It is not a kayak that is super good at anything, but does very well at a lot of things. It tracks surprisingly well, but spins around in a tight area very easily.

I have had it on local lakes of 100 acres, and it goes along quite nicely for a rec kayak. I recently paddled on a creek with class 1 rapids, and it did fine. It was my first time on any kind of white water, and I thought it did great. I went thru 4 sections of rapids that day, and stayed upright! they even put a small lip at the front on each side of the bow, to splash water away from the boat, instead of letting it slosh back onto the deck.

The seat is so comfortable, I slouched down in it, and almost took a nap in the sun last weekend.

Take a look at this kayak. it lists for $379.00, and I got it on a clearance sale right before Christmas at the Local Kayak Shop. I have paddled it 4 times so far, and love it.

Send an e-mail to me, and I will reply with a picture of me in it, just to give you an idea of what it looks like. It is Emotion’s first Sit In Kayak, and I think they have a winner. Especially for the price!

Happy Paddling!

how big is big

I’m 205 and 5 foot 11 with a size 12/13 shoe and as long as I wear just wetsuit socks. I fit in almost all the boats, that I don’t sink…I paddle a Anas Acuta or a Pintail or a Nordkapp…just don’t wear shoes

36 inch inseam just means tall

do you sink them all?

Best Wishes



6’ 6"

36" inseam

210 lb

Tall and thin, but 36" waist, so cockpit width is an issue.


Thanks for this
Boyfriend is 6’5, 222lbs (not fat), 36 inch waiste, 34 inseam…also a struggle trying to find a boat for him…only one of my fleet he can get into is my Pungo 100.


Waiting for demo days!