Another Bike Shuttle - Pawcatuck - Bradford to Potter Hill

We did a 4-mile ride and a 7-mile paddle on one of the prettiest sections of the Pawcatuck River in southwestern RI. Even at its summer level, there is a little excitement at the beginning of this section with the Bradford fish weirs that replaced the old Bradford Dam. The way our New England rivers twist and turn, I’m finding lots with a relatively short bike ride, and a relatively long paddle. Now if I could only avoid the hills…

Few pictures here:

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I have not run the section that you just did since they took the dam out. I have never felt as though I wanted to dare that section you are calling the fish weirs. Your pictures make it look tame enough for an old guy to attempt. Is that what you found?

I have never had a problem with it. There is a series of six drops, and the current pushes you left for the first three, and then right for the last three. As long as you can make the adjustment it is fine. The water was pretty low this weekend - here is how it looks with more water.

If you don’t want to run drops there is an easy portage route on the right bank.

Thanks. I will go and take another look. I ran the section often before they took the dam out. Back then there was a portage on the left. After the dam was gone, so was the portage. Maybe it is back.


When the dam was there I remember portaging over by the fish ladder on river right. With the new fish weirs, the easiest portage is still on river right. You should try it - easy portage.