Another BWCAW trip in my future?

I believe I’ve done four Boundary Waters trips. It’s a very long drive, from Colorado, I’ve gotten older (old?), I’ve had a few orthopedic surgeries as well as open heart surgery, and my hips are going bad, so I had, pretty much, decided I’d done my last Boundary Waters trip.
But I’ve never done the Boundary Waters in a solo canoe. I’ve always paddled tandem. I have a perfect solo canoe, for the Boundary Waters, on order. The last few years I’ve been compiling a lot of backpacking gear for fastpacking. The Boundary Waters is starting to weave it’s evil spell once again.
I’d probably have to pick a route that doesn’t have a lot of long, rugged portages, but that isn’t hard to do. I’ll have to see how the next year or two go, but I’m starting to feel the call of the north woods.

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