Another canoe I built from plans

It is a solo but two works. The photo was from its maiden voyage. Probably should have kept this one.

Looks like a beautiful craft! I would have trouble getting rid of a boat if I built it myself. How long was the assembly?

Eric, it’s been too long to remember. It is a stitch and glue design and I’d never done anything like it.
Drawing the panels on the sheets of plywood on the garage floor was a challenge with the curves. I spent my working years in industries where we measured in .001" and this was far from there.
I used 1/4" luan plywood from Lowes. It had fewer voids than the Home Depot version.
Cutting the panels out with a jig saw was another challenge.
The good news was that the designer used tolerances favorable to a garage workshop. The panels were assembled using popsicle sticks for spacers.
The next challenge was the epoxy that wetted the fiberglass to the hull. I learned the hard way about mixing, working speed, kick, and cure times. All temperature dependant.
All that said, it took weeks but was a great project.
If I ever make another , it will be a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. I helped a guy with one that was done in winter in a week. Their kits are precisely cut and he had a heated garage.