Another canoe I built from plans

It is a solo but two works. The photo was from its maiden voyage. Probably should have kept this one.

Looks like a beautiful craft! I would have trouble getting rid of a boat if I built it myself. How long was the assembly?

Eric, it’s been too long to remember. It is a stitch and glue design and I’d never done anything like it.
Drawing the panels on the sheets of plywood on the garage floor was a challenge with the curves. I spent my working years in industries where we measured in .001" and this was far from there.
I used 1/4" luan plywood from Lowes. It had fewer voids than the Home Depot version.
Cutting the panels out with a jig saw was another challenge.
The good news was that the designer used tolerances favorable to a garage workshop. The panels were assembled using popsicle sticks for spacers.
The next challenge was the epoxy that wetted the fiberglass to the hull. I learned the hard way about mixing, working speed, kick, and cure times. All temperature dependant.
All that said, it took weeks but was a great project.
If I ever make another , it will be a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. I helped a guy with one that was done in winter in a week. Their kits are precisely cut and he had a heated garage.

String, that is an interesting design. A bit of a hybrid from the looks of it. How did it handle. Did it have and favorable or negative attributes that you recall?

Plans are still there at the JEM web site.

As I recall it was an easy boat to paddle. I think Swamp Girl is an appropriate name. I used to see similar home made boats on the SC coastal rivers and marshes.

Has interesting lines, but couldn’t have been too interesting if you sold it.

That was during two of my life phases. First, I loved building because it helped relieve the pressure of my job.
Second, and still, I was trying different types of boats, looking for my definition of perfection.

So, have you found you view of perfection yet?

Not a chance. Based on the fleets I see on here, I am far from close regarding boats.

The other canoe JEM designed for me is listed on the website as the BHC. The photo is Reina the poodle and me in the completed boat. It was a heavy beast. I donated it to the local BSA camp.
That was way back.

Is it possible that the people in the photo are paddling the canoe backwards?
Look carefully.

We’ll never know. The photo was taken from land so we may have been positioning the boat for a better shot.