Another canoe question...

and more directly related to fishing this time.

I’ve seen a couple neat rigs with milk crates and PVC rod holders and plan on developing my own to fit my needs…however, I was wondering if anyone can share their ideas on securing (or floating) everything that goes along with fishing in the event of an unplanned swim?

Several ideas
I’ve tried several different methods. From fancy leashes and parachute cord to rod floats. The best thing I’ve found so far for rods is pvc couplers secured with a zip cable to the thwarts and seat. Use a 2" coupler for the rod tip, 1.5" for the butt. If you spill they’ll stay put.

The milk crate idea sounds good. I’ve used that method on my kayak. Hadn’t thought about it in the canoe though. Here’s what I did for my kayak, but it should work for a canoe as well, just tie the crate off to the yoke or thwart.

4-1.5" pieces of pvc pipe secured inside each corner of the crate with zip cables.

4-mini bungees to secure rods in the pvc “rocket launchers” when not in use.

The crate also held several small Plano clear plastic tackle boxes, pliers, Boga grip w/stringer float, Humminbird Smartcast and was covered with a small clip on bungee net to prevent loss in case of a capsize. Hmmm, I may have to ressurect that crate for my canoe fishing rig.

What he said…
plus you can secure the milk crate to the seat. I also bought a 25’ phone cord, cut it in 5’ sections and then used tiny zip-ties to make little loops on each end. One end of these cords gets a carbiner type clip to clip onto the milk crate. The other end gets a 4-5" piece of velcro to wrap arond a rod or whatever.

Recently I added two Scotty Rod holders to a milk crate. The ability to store two rods there and point them any-which-a-way is nice.

Another fave little thing I’ve discovered is $3 one gallon large mouth jugs with a screw on top. They’re made by Rubbermaid and sold at Walmart. They’re kinda like pretzle jars. They aren’t tough enough for my regular standards BUT when secured inside a milk crate with a small shockcord they work ut real well for dry storage.

Milk crates - they aren’t pretty but they sure are handy.

Rubbermaid jugs.
Are those stocked with the coolers or over in housewares?

Coolers in housewares?
I’m a tad lost. Usually find them one aisle over from the kitchen utensils.

Here’s an attempt to post a link that has a pic.

Thanks, I got it!
What I meant was by the ice chests in the sporting goods section or in the housewares section. Kind of a silly question to begin with I reckon.

We only have one Wally World in town and it gets pretty busy. I don’t enjoy being around a lot of people so when I go there I like to get in and get out.