Another canoe w/ motor question

Similar to the last posteer, I have a health problem that limits my physical exertion. I’m wondering if an 18-lb thrust electric trolling motor would be of any help in moving upcurrent in a non-whitewater river or uptide in the tidal Potomac near Washington, D.C.

I have a 12-ft Old Town Pac and I’m worried about hanging a 20lb motor off the side. Sevylor makes an 18-lb thrust electric motor that weighs on 5.5 lbs. Anyone have any experience with it or opinion about the usefulness of a small motor for my needs. Neither Minn Kota nor Motorguide makes a motor this small.



I’ve and old 12 lb thrust motor that
moved my 12 foot deep and wide jon boat…not fast and not as good in other than mild waters as one might want, but it did move it. Don’t know about the motor in question nor its quality, but it should do the job on a 12 foot canoe. It may not move as fast as you like, but it should give work.

28ft/lbs did a good job on my jon
I had a 14’ jon boat that a friend and I used (450lbs between us) a 28ft/lbs thrust trolling motor and it would take us up-current on the Shenandoah River on summer low. I’d think you’d be OK with an 18ft/lb thrust with only one person in a small canoe.

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My 30 lb Min Kota drove my 17 foot
Mohawk about 4mph, but the mount was homemade and shook like the dickens.

Way long ago …
… the first time I saw a canoe with an electric motor on it was in an electric motor only reservor (Loch Raven) . He was by himself with a side mount motor , blowing the doors off every boat in the water , even the 36 v. and 48 v. setups on the big Jons . I’m not sure but maybe he was leaving more wake than he should have been , lol .

Go ahead and set your canoe up with what you think is light enough for you and give it a try . Start out easy with it at first until you feel comfortable and confident with it , just like any other thing unfamiliar at first . People have been putting them on canoes for , like forever , so you ought to do just fine too .

I would honestly recommend a 2.5 suzuki, light and very clean, and really pushes great!

Yea , why not …
… as long the gas motor is light enough for you . The small ones I’ve seen have a built in fuel tank . Probably make a bit more noise , but who cares , you under way when using it .

Actually, my suzuki is water cooled, only 30lbs, purs pretty quietly, very little vibration, and perfect for trolling at idle, you can go all day on 1.5 L at idle. I bring an extra 3 L with me, and honestly, I run full throttle for 5 hours on 4.5 L, go about 15 KM/Hr wide open with 2 people, gear, and the 110lbs bayou canoe I have. Works great, long run time, no bats to charge, very clean 4 stroke, great purchase.

I have Suzuki also.
I have an older 3hp Suzuki motor with a small fuel tank. I used to paddle down local streams w/17’ canoe and motor back up to my put in. I also had an electric motor but got tired of hauling the battery around. I built a motor mount for my canoe and mounted the motor off to the stern side, but the first time I got in I rolled the canoe over! After that I got smart enough to compensate for the motor.


18 lbs
should take the canoe to hull speed on calm water and no current. If you want to make headway in current, you will need something with more power. Maximizer ciruitry will give you more control and longer run times at lower speeds.