Another Carbonlite question

I bought my Eddyline this year and wondered about winter storage. My poly boat fended for herself during the winter. I was thinking of bringing my NH 175 in the house. Any other northern folk able to shed a bit of light on the subject?

I have a Nighthawk . Last winter I built an outdoor make shift shelter for it to keep the snow and ice off. I let it fend for itself with the winter temps and things looked fine when spring came. I don’t know what the recommendations are for it but I protect it from the elements,including UV, as best I can but it will have to hold up to the temps here in New Hampshire…so far it’s fine.

Ditto for Maryland
Locked my Falcon under the deck with a tarp hung above it. Kayak rest on a home made stand. It has reamined absent of bugs, mold or carbonlite issues come the spring time. Location permits me to take it out for the those “Indian Summer” days when temps exceed 60 degrees like last January 1rst. Good luck, you acquired a great kayak that will last you years.


Nighthawk storage
Ours fend for themselves outside but under cover. If we brought our kayaks into the house we’d have to sleep outside ourselves.

A couple padded sawhorses
maybe outfitted with a v-shaped padded piece of lumber and a cover (I recommend Dannuu) should do the job. If you get some serious snow just remember to go brush it off. Otherwise it should hold up just fine. Same holds true for the summer. Just cover it up to protect from UV damage. With any boat that’ll probably be the most consistent and significant danger to the overall longevity.