Another chance to paddle SC and GA swamps

Let’s Go paddlin’. I’m headed back out again in a few weeks. This trip is looking to be a bit more mellow- less mileage and hopefully better weather. Send me a pm and let’s go paddling. I have one other person going on this trip but plenty of room and can update my oke permits if others want to join.

My Feb. Paddling Trip Plan

Feb. 19th Drive to Congaree National Park, SC campsite 05

Feb. 20th Day paddling cedar creek SC, campsite 05

Feb. 21st Day paddling Sparkleberry Swamp SC, campsite 05

Feb. 22nd Drive to Stephen Foster State Park in GA (not Florida) campsite 6

Feb. 23rd day paddling Okefenokee /Stephen F. campsite 6

Feb. 24th day paddling Okefenokee/Stephen F campsite 6

Feb. 25th paddling with gear from Stephen Foster to Canal Run Platform(attaining) Okefenokee

Feb. 26 Paddle Okefenokee back to Stephen Foster, drive to Traders Hill campground county park Folkston GA

Feb. 27 Okefenokee from East Entrance to Monkey Lake Platform

Feb. 28th Monkey Lake Platform to Cedar Hammock Platform

Feb. 29th Cedar Hammock to Roundtop Platform

March 1st paddle out from Roundtop, begin drive home, motel

March 2nd drive and home

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I might be interested in the Cedar Creek paddle. I am not the paddler you are , ie no rain and no frost. February is the worst weather month in SC , imo and experience.
I’ve paddled Cedar Creek but it’s been years.

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hey string you should come on out and meet us! My phone # 304 575 94four nine, We will accomodate your speed and desires, if cedar creek is further than you want to go then perhaps sparkleberry- never paddled there before but looks like a straight forward up and back paddle. My paddling trips aren’t just about the destinations but also about the people I meet. Get Doug, castoff, to join us as well.

interested but have a WVa offroad side by side trip Feb 14 - 18 and an Everglades canoe trip Mar 2 -9. Keep me in mind for anything else upcoming in the Carolinas , Tennessee, or Georgia. Paddled on the Enoree with Doug a few months ago and had a good time. Just a day trip. Solo or tandem open boat. Love to camp. Wife not much interested anymore. 864 909 2316 Tom

Thanks. I am still recovering from a bit of internal reconstruction but working at it .
I used to paddle 20 mile days but now I don’t know.
I’ve paddled Sparkleberry several times. I’ll decide when we get closer to the date.

no worries, see how you feel

Tony, I may be able to join you for one or both the Cedar Creek and Sparkleberry. I know a great paddle through the trees at Sparkleberry, but it is an easy place to become befuddled.

And lost temporarily.

Hey that would be great. As it stands right now we may go up and back on cedar creek. My buddy Tim wants to drive and that was the only day I had contemplated shuttling so we are just going to take his truck and make do and split the gas. I’ve got another buddy meeting us in GA. Come on out and paddle Doug and String, the more the merrier.

Hi Tony, what time are you planning on being at Sparkleberry Landing on the 21th. I might be able to meet you there. I sort of know my way around the place. I’ll have my solo canoe with me if I do show up.

sparkleberry landing at 11 ought to work, my phone 304 575-944nine, just me and a buddy kayaking sc ,very low key, up and back from sparkelberry landing, more of a production in Okefenokee, 5 of us now for ga, if you can make it I look forward to seeing you again Doug.
SYOTSwamp, Tony

Tony, I hope you are having a good trip. Castoff and I didn’t get together on our excuses and it’s a bit ironic that both of us were carved on by dermatologists in the same week. He has a hole in his back and I have one on my face.
We both grew up when our summer uniforms were shorts and shoes and the shoes were optional.

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You will be at Monkey Lake right after us. We were there on 2/24/24 --2/25/24.
Supposed to move on to Cedar Hammock, but the GF had health issues.
Beautiful trip. Will be back for sure.

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