Another (cheap) Scupper Plug Option.

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OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) has pre-shaped/tapered corks in their Industrial section that perfectly fit inside the scupper holes on my WS Tarpon 140.
(not all scuppers are the same size).
For $0.89 each, they're a pretty darn good deal, too!

Brand: Bervalite
Part# 1500-S
SCU# 0 39008 00015 6
Price (in Ca.) 89 cents

The corks are 1 1/4" wide at the bottom and 1 1/2" wide at the top.

I was thinking about drilling a small hole through the top/center of each and running a nylon cord through them to keep them in place, but for 89 cents I think I'll just risk it. =)~


If they fall out
they might float.

even cheaper
Foam golf balls.

I heard about the
foam golf balls but couldn’t find any in time for my paddle so I stopped by OSH instead.

How much are the golf balls?


Need to check, since most of the stores carry different stock, but check out Dollar Tree.

I found a bag of 6 foam balls that looked like different types of sports balls… golf, tennis basketball etc.

They fit in the scupper holes of my RTM Tango perfectly.

6 for $1 is a pretty good price.

I’ve always preferrred…
… to let the scuppers do what they’re designed to: Let the water that ships over the sides back out.

Seems to me you’d need to be on some pretty flat and cold water (and not be dressed for it, particularly the feet) to want to keep 'em plugged.

Paddling at a decent pace also tends to help the water level go down - and keep the temperature up :wink:

99 cents
for a pack of 6, wally world…

what sombody needs to make is little insertable check valves to replace the scupper holes.

Check Valves and Pond Scum

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My very first kayak was a SOT and I didn't care to sit in pond scum. I ended up filling in the scupper holes with Marine Tex epoxy. In two of the holes I installed brass male hose ends that I could screw caps on and off when I wanted the scuppers to funtion. Worked great.