Another foot brace option?

Anyone tried these? Wondering if they are decent. Price is OK.

They are adjustable from the cockpit similar to the SealLines but look’s like they have larger pedals. For rudder they only adapt to slider type though - but for skeg/no rudder boats they could be and option. I’m not in the market since the foam job, but hadn’t seen these before and thought others might be interested.

Interesting, but they raise a point.
When switching adjustable footpeg systems, CHECK to see that you can still get the length adjustment you want. Don’t just mount the new braces through the existing screw holes and expect to be able to stretch your legs.

This applies mainly to tall and stupid people, like me. I removed the entire rudder system from my Necky Looksha Sport, and in order to have SOLID footpegs, I took out the Necky rails and pegs, and installed Yakima aluminum footpegs.

Unfortunately, while the original Necky footpedals had allowed me to extend my legs properly and even to work the rudder with the pedals, the Yakima pegs, mounted through the same front end screw hole, would not move forward enough. The Yakima footpads just do not move as far to the end of the aluminum rails as the Necky footpads to the end of their plastic rails.

Looking at that Duckhead product, it is also limited in its ability to allow movement of the footpad to the end of the rail. It appears to be even MORE limited than the Yakima setup. So anyone replacing existing rails and footpads should make sure that the footpads will extend enough to be usable.

Of course, one could drill new holes and plug the old ones. But as a whitewater paddler who runs into rocks at full speed, I am neurotic about drilling more holes in stressed areas. So I am putting the Necky rails back in, and I am improvising an adjustable but solid-feeling footpad locating system.

I love these!
These are the new footpegs that came in my Eddyline Nighthawk. It was a very pleasant surprise! I had trouble with the ones in the demo boat(sorry, I don’t know what kind they were) that had to be squeezed from the back to move the peg. If I accidentally got my foot behind the peg while paddling, and moved it to an unacceptable place, I sometimes could not move it back without assistance. I’d have to pop my sprayskirt and have someone stabilize my boat while I tried to reach in and believe me, at 50 years old with a little extra weight and less flexibility, that was a chore.

With these new SeaDog footbraces, I never accidentally dislodge them. And if I should desire to adjust them, it’s easy to reach the lever and I do not require any extra support to do so. I think they are a great improvement!