Another from Umbagog

Just a few minutes and the light changes!


That’s beautiful, Andy.

I agree!

Amazing photo! I’ve got a trip planned for next weekend and I can’t wait.

Incidentally do you (or anyone else here) know if it’s safe to leave a car at the steamer diamond boat launch for 2 days? It’s not our only option but it’s the most convenient for our route so I’d like to leave my car there if I can.

Yes, that’s where we leave our cars.

Also, best time for photos is early morning,. Bear in mind that you will be heading east from that launch. Late afternoon photos are a good time too.

Great, thank you! Is there anything in particular about going east that I should know? I figured I’d be heading into the sun on my morning paddle out, and that the river flows west/south from there. As long as it’s not too swift I didn’t think it would be a problem. Will it?

No problem, current is slow. Lake is down about 5 feet, so be careful in shallow areas. It’s about a 3 mile paddle to the lake from Steamer Diamond. Keep a close eye on the river banks, you may see a moose, I did.

Where are you staying?

Gotcha. We’re camping at sunset cove on the first night, so we’ll paddle up the river and across the top of the lake. Then we’re heading south and camping near tyler point, and on the last day it will be back across the lake back to the car. It’s my partner’s first ‘expedition’ trip, so I’m hoping the distances aren’t too ambitious.

Sunday cove is a nice spot. We don’t camp on the lake anymore. We go to Cedar Stump on the Rapid river and stay for four days. On the lake you can stay at the sites for 1 day, then move on

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Umbagog never disappoints. That’s over by Dead Cambridge River, no?

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Androscoggin river

I’d have sworn it was over by the Dead C River. Somewhere in the flotsam I call a hard drive I’ve got a very similar pic from the Dead C river.

well, that’s pretty amazing — thanks for sharing that great photo

Great pictures (all 3). Too bad you can’t line them up as a sequence and flip through them like a time lapse… but unless I am mistaken the sight lines are slightly different.