another fun roll

for the euro blade crowd

feathered Lendal crankshaft paddle

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ah ya freaking showoff!
Seriously though, thanks for that.

Looks like a fun one to practice…nm

angel roll
I’ve always done that starting with arms crossed over the deck and then use the free arm as a counterbalance when popping back up- never have been really sure what a “proper” angel roll looks like? Having the paddle feathered makes it a little tougher.

Another fun one is to flip over, letting go of your paddle as it floats perpendicular to the boat, then reach up and grab it with the one hand and finish like an angel.


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proper way to do an angel roll is with the arms crossed ....but it's a fast roll.

in order to slow it down to the basics that do away with boat momentum and concentrates on body/boat conections, There are two choices

some kayakers in greenland will use their one hand held out flat and skulling, to slow the momentum of the boat, the other is crossed in front of them holding the paddle.

this method slows the roll, but not as much as using the entire paddle to slow the roll then finishing in the angel roll finish. it however requites switching hands on the paddle when under water before actually coming the actual set up for the roll is done while upside down.

I probably have a vidio that contains a proper angel roll's the form to be able to just reach up without the momentum of the boat that can be useful as a self rescue need to have the both hands on a paddle just so, in order to come up and roll

To be able to roll from a static upside down position is very desireable and can be the differance between rolling and swimming.

so it's the way I like to practice

actually quite a useful roll if You need to just come up using only one hand

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agree completely
I love the angel roll and it is my go to roll when possible. I try to practice that one from a static underwater position as it really does show you whether you are depending on the paddle or your oneness with the boat.