Another good boat gone

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When the "kayaks for kids?" question comes up again, strike the Carolina 12 from the list. It's now adult-sized.

Carolina 12
We’ve fully re-engineered the Carolina for 2007 into a boat that is easier to paddle and more comfortable than ever before. The new Carolina provides a platform that is stable and effortless to paddle.

Length 12'
Width 26"
Deck Height 14.5"
Cockpit 39.5" x 21.8"
Boat Weight 50 lbs.
Max Capacity 275 lbs.

The Carolina12 is still available
in junior sizes. It’s actually called the Carolina J now (I think)… Don’t worry, the kids version is still available…

so kayakmaker do you work for CWS?

The Carolina 12.0 is listed as a current model and the Carolina 12 is listed as a 2007 model on the website.

Carolina 12 XS
the old kids Carolina is the 12XS. It’s the ‘very old’ Umiak.

The new Carolina 12.0 is an adult sized boat.

better choice, IMO, is the WS Tsuanmi SP (small person) bulkheads, decklines and a narrow profile.


Yes, but…
The Tsunami SP does look like a good option for small folks – 21" beam, 2 bulkheads, 35 pounds. It’s unfortunate that potential customers can’t see it at the Wilderness Systems website…

Somebody give me a link to the Tsunami

Google and ye shall find…

or check P.Net
Of course it’s also right here on, just pick a size:


Don’t see the SP
Some retailers apparently have the new model information, but the WS website doesn’t.

Wilderness website has it
Click on “View the new 2007 Wilderness Products” at the very top of the main page to see the Tsunami SP, one of three new boats featured.


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I didn't see it there a couple of days ago.

And as with the other Confluence sites, the "new boats" link is only on the homepage. If you go straight to a product page you'll never see it.