Another good camp food

Ronzoni Quick-Cook pasta. The skinny macaroni shape really does cook to al dente in 3 minutes, and it’s normal pasta, not different in texture or taste from the slower-cooking types. It’s just thinner and smaller, which also makes this a great candidate for compact packing on kayak camping trips! Also makes it easier to measure out.

Pretty nice for use at home, too; saves time and cuts down on fuel use.

Chinese flat noodles
also cook in 3 minutes. Just remember that all of this stuff is white flour and has essentially no nutrition, but it makes a nice base for vegetables.

You must have an atypical definition for
"nutrition." White flour, whatever its deficiencies, contains calories and some protein.

A calorie is not nutrition
in and of itself. There are these pathetic litte things called EMPTY calories that either contribute little or nothing to health, or actually damage health. The nutritional problems with white flour are too numerous and well known to argue here.

If I have an atypical definition of “nutritious” it’s because U.S. nutrition gone down the tubes in the past half century. If you’re relying on white flour for your protein you’re in trouble.

and …
a high glycemic index.

I learned in the Food Technology dept.
at MIT that calories are supplied by nutrients, and that most nutrients supply calories.

You seem to be eating too many PCs… politically correct nuggets.

well ramen noodles that are like 5 packs to a dollar still offer about 10 grams of protein (and huge amounts of sodium–if you use the entire ‘flavoring’ packet).

The protein is great though. It basically is about a good meals worth of protein and if you only use half a packet of seasoning it can be somewhat healthy as well.

I use it mainly as a midday snack and eat them raw.

eat quinoa
solve the worlds problems

camp food
I can’t wait to get a dehydrator!

researching them now


Got one for $40
Works well for small quantities. If you want to dehydrate a lot of food at once, you’ll pay more.