Another Knife???

I know there are various opinions about paddling with a knife. So with that does anyone have any experience with this knife

It seems to be well made and thought out including the sheath which can be worn several different ways and the tension can be adjusted as well. I have a CRKT folding knife and it has been a very good knife, super sharp out of the box and good steel in the blade. I may have to order one of these and do a review for you guys. Anyone already have this knife?

No Personal Experience But
it looks like an awesome cutting tool.

There’s a terrific knife info site on Cabelas Website (of all places) that goes in depth (no pun intended) on all aspects of knifes.

I have a predjudice against…
…knives with cutting edges on both sides of the


With a single edged knife, you can put your thumb on the unsharpened edge for more leverage

and more power. With two cutting edges, you

can’t do that.

It’s a personal preference, however.

I’m in a minority on this “point.”

Good Knife
I have one. As you mention, CRKT knives are high quality. The handle on this knife has Zytel grips that I prefer over some of the plain metal styles I have. It gives a much better grip. This one came out of the box razor sharp, the serrated back slices thru rope like butter. The holster/sheath is very vesatile, with several ways to attach to your PFD or belt. Everyone has different likes/dislikes about knives, so I can’t say everyone will love this knife, but I will say I belive it is a high quality knife that is worth the cost.

Stiff K.I.S.S.
also by crkt is what i suggest.

I have a normal KISS, and its been great, the blade is tough as all get out, things that would have broken the tips off others have done nothing to this knife.

Looks nice too :slight_smile:

review is here

Just out of curiosity…
How many of you have used you knife for any thing other than peanut-butter? Really if its sharp enough to cut rope and can reach the bottom of the jiff jar, what more do you need. It is unreasonable to spend $100+ on a knife that is only there for peace of mind and lunch.

peanut butter or not, I would rather have and not need, than need and not have. Not that I have ever fallen out and been caught up in a line but I have been out in the water and got tangled around the legs with 15-20 lb mono line that was in the water. Now that doesnt sound that strong but get out of the water with no leverage to break the line and see if you can do it. Just glad I wasnt down under the water when this happened. To each his own. But a lot of the places I go this discarded line is very common, let alone abandoned trot lines under the water.

I kilt a bahr wif mine, et 'im, too.

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You're right about the infrequency of using it. I think, though, people spend a lot of time thinking about what knife is the "right" knife, and are willing to spend some money on a good one because it feels cool to strap one on your pfd. I'm not criticizing, because I used to be of that mindframe. Especially when I first started diving, I bought a USN MK IV knife, the same knife Navy SEALs carry, and thought I was a real hoss (In my defense, I was 19 at the time.) But after having that heavy clunker strapped to my calf for a few tropical rec diving trips to see the pretty fish, I got tired of the thing flopping around, got tired of the drag, especially when I hadn't used it once, and I started to feel self-conscious strapping it on when I'm on a dive boat, thinking everyone must be looking at me like I think I'm Rambo or something. I ended up getting a titanium folder that I attach to my BC by a self-retracting tether. It's got a "gut hook" on the nonsharp side of the knife that is exposed when the knife is closed, so it's like a rescue hook too. I got an identical one for my paddling PFD.

My father made knives
Most were absolutely useless…like this one!


That is exactly why I like the stiff kiss, its all of about 25 bucks, its about a 3.5" blade, and its nice/decent steel.

Its simple, its small enough, and if it falls in the drink, your not gonna go to tears over it.

as far as the massive rambo-esque knife, i think everyone goes through that stage :slight_smile:

Skeletal handle
How does the skeletal handle without any grip work for you, esp in cold water? Do you wrap it or anything? Just curious, have a couple of knives with handles like that, bought them because they looked cool, haven’t tried them for anything other than camping.

I have…
…used to do a lot of wilderness camping out

of a canoe.

Chopping wood, skinning game, in grown toenails,

splinters, blisters, P-nut butter,

Just cut the bread BEFORE you clean the fish.

My best knife if my old Marine K-bar. A veteran

of Khe Sahn.

Are you sure it’s long enough???
8 1/2"! Are you kidding me? What the heck do you need a knife that big for? Unless you have some burning need to look like a “kayak Rambo”, look for something more appropriately sized.

long knives…
I play around with blacksmithing a little…very amateur.

I am amazed by the number of people that want big “Conan the Barbarian” swords.