Another knife?

While we have some folks here with some knife expertise I would like some ideas on a good filet knife to dress an occasional 1 or 2lb bass I sometimes catch while floating.

One more thing, I just want something a little better than the cheapest dont intend for it to cost 3 days pay.

Try one of these.

Many filet knives out there …

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...... most all I've used are good .

I have a beautiful German made (and expensive) one , but I use the standard Rapala , 9 out of 10 times .

I bid for and won some knives at a floor auction , basically because a very fine filet knife was in the lot ... gave it away believe it or not , what a great knife it was .

Point is , my Rapala has been as good as any and I like it .... keep them razor sharp and the meat falls off with a touch , that's the only trick to it .

I’ve used Rapalas, pretty good shives, but Gerber makes/made a better one, as do several others.

It’s useful to remember that, especially with knives, the higher the price the better the edge/ergometics.

Just bought my Significant Other a $400 chefs knife. It’s worth it.

Opinel folding filet
i like this one because it packs easier by folding away. it’s also a pretty cool knife, a lot like the classic Rapela. great for self propelled tripping where packability and size count.

The only other choice would be K-BAR.

Paddle easy,


Dozier K23
A little spendy, but the waiting list is only ~12 months :wink: