Another Multipurpose Question

Hi all- I’ve been scouring the questions others have asked and am now going to ask the same question that has no real answer…maybe.

I think the Mad River Explorer is what I’m looking for, but want to see what other canoes would be very similar. There are so many brands out there and I feel like I’m not being open to some of the canoes for sale on-line.

I will use the canoe for lots of different stuff. Solo in ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. No rapids other than Class I and maybe some low class II (Delaware River, PA). I will fish out of it solo and tandem, few day camping trips as tandem. Wife and dog out on lake to get fresh air. I currently have 15’ Stowe fiberglass, with 1"-keel. I’d keep using her but the 1"-keel is a pain on the river.

I’m looking for used canoes in the area, so I am trying to get a shopping list of what is good to look into and which ones are not worth the effort. Tons of 80+ lbs Old Towns for sale, but I’d like to get something with little more quality. Maybe $800+/- used?

Thanks in advance!

Not writing a book
but first are you set on material? Do you want Rx… that limits your selection.

I wonder just why people are always looking for the perfect boat and wondering what else is out there.

I have always gotten a boat. Gone paddling. Met people witb other boats and tried them out. If I like that boat better I look for it and sell mine.

I fervently believe there is information paralysis.

I’ve paddled many boats over the years, most with no names and whatever paddle (or broom) was handy. Got a kayak last year and realized I like company and fishing in my boats. Traded it for canoe last month (15’ Stowe, 1" keel). Really like the Stowe but want a boat I can use in river too without the current fighting my keel the whole time.

Right now I’m looking for a Wenonah Spirit II, Old Town Penobscot (16), or Mistral…I think these are multi-purpose boats I would enjoy.

Not set on specific materials only that I’m fine with a little heavier boat that can take more abuse on rocks. Not that I’ll be grinding through rock gardens, but that when I do bump into them I’d like to not have to worry about patching, etc.

there is a formula
information paralysis is inversely affected by the desire to get one’s butt in a boat, times the factor representing cost savings over new.

Multi purpose used canoe
Have you looked at an Old Town Camper? I know that it’s not the Cadillac of boats. It is wide enough for a rowdy dog and second passenger. You can stand and fish out of it, Has no keel. Weighs #58 by the OT website. Can be paddled solo by facing backwards on the front seat. Can be had in 15 or 16 foot lengths. It can haul enough gear for a Boyscout troop. It can handle class 2 white water.

You should be able to find a used one well within your budget. Get the web seats. The cane looks better but doesn’t hold up as well.

Watch for the right Wenonah in Tufweave
which will stand up well to Delaware River conditions. Royalex is good, too, but will get scarce and may command extra $. Tufweave has good impact resistance, wears smooth, and is easier to repair than Kevlar or Royalex. Study the 16’ and 17’ tandems in the Wenonah line.