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Venture Ayr 165/175 info

Venture composites
Purely FWIW - I asked a P&H rep about these boats at the Bay Area Paddlefest a couple months ago and was told the Venture branded composite boats are being built in China, while the RM (including Venture) and other composite P&H boats will continue to be made in GB.

To the best of my knowledge

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I'm not 100% on this but the information i have is that the Venture composites are based on the Easky and Capella models but which one is called what i don't know.

The information i had was that they (P&H) shiped a Easky 15 RM and a Capella 166 RM to China and that these formed the basis for the designs.

I have seen the Easky based one and to be fair this looked like i'd exspect a composite easky to look. I havn't seen the Capella based one yet but admit to being curious as to why base it on the RM version not the composite but as I said my information might not be 100% on this

By the printed stats
There is no difference between the 165/175. Is there? Just curious with no real interest.
These boats and the Kyle and Pulse from Venture are at the new Website


Venture Kyle / Ayr
Venture kayaks is is expanding the line toased o include three new composite boats: the Kyle (15’3" x 23"), the Ayr 165 (16’5" x 22") & the Ayr 175 (17’5" x 22").

The Kyle is based off the Easky 15; the Ayrs are based off the Skye.

The concept behind Venture has been to offer affordable, well-designed kayaks for the entry-level market. These new composite boats are going to come in at suprisingly affordable prices that will compete with the thermoformed plastic boats that have become so popular in the States. But unlike the thermoforms, these will actually be seaworthy!

I haven’t paddled any yet, but I was very pleased with the Venture Skye and expect the Ayr to be a very solid boat for the price.