Another on the water impediment !

-- Last Updated: Jul-13-16 6:47 AM EST --

last week in Asheville, NC we heard on the news that a lady on a SUP was attacked and bitten by a beaver.

Then last night we heard that it has been confirmed that it had rabies and she is now undergoing shots.

The wild life people said that this is the first case that they have ever heard like this.

Jack L


Good Morning, Jack
Never heard of beavers getting rabies but I don’t see why they’d be immune. I heard on the news recently that a rabid fox bit a local woman.

I have read that possums are the only
mammals who can’t carry rabies.

Another rabid NC beaver
Jack, if my memory is right, some years ago a beaver attacked a boater at Jordan Lake down here near Raleigh. I believe it was reported to be rabid. Might have been as much as 10 years ago.