Another paddle question. Kalliste, Camano, or BB Navigator?

While I impatiently wait for my new boat to come in, I keep reading about paddles.
My new boat is a Swift Prospector Pack 14.
It will have the Kayak style seat in a somewhat low position, and it seems it’s recommended to use a double blade paddle.

I love the traditional look of the Bending Branches Navigator Plus with the wood blades and carbon shaft, but they don’t make that one in the longer sizes that I think I’ll need for the pack boat style.
Everyone is suggesting between 250 and 260 or so.
I was looking at the BB Navigator, but unless I go with the Angler style which has larger blade surface area, the regular version only goes from 220-235

SO I started hearing good things about the Camano, and of course the Kalliste.
I think I want the adjustable size so I can use it with other boats as well.

What are your opinions on these?

Are there any other paddle makers doing a carbon shaft with the wood blades like the Bending Branches?


I love my all carbon Camano! Looking for a Shuna as a complement, so I can try the higher angle, and of course a nice greenland paddle so I can see what all the hoopla is about. :slight_smile:

I’m going to see if the store will have a Camano and a Killiste there when I get my boat and see if they’ll let me test paddle them.

I’ve had a bent shaft Kallista for many years. They have foam core blades and smooth on both sides so entry is very quiet. They are not war clubs or shovels and need to be treated as a high end tool…
The Camano is not foam core so a little more rugged.

Check on the adjustable range it’s not going to be really large.

Thank you. I will look in to the range.

So would I feel much or any difference between the Camano and the Kalliste?