Another paddle question

I am a 'canoe guy" that will be getting a Vermont Canoe Tupper or a Bell Bucktail this summer. There are so many kayak paddles out there and so i am a little lost. At this point I do not want to spend $400 on a carbon bent shaft paddle (I’m sure I will some day) so I am looking for a recomendation on a good paddle for around $100. The Wernes look nice, but there are so many other brands. I am 5’11, average buld and the boats are about 27" wide. thanks.

Bending Branches Whisper?

At 37oz, it’s not real light, but they’re only about $60 and work well enough until you decide to spend more. I used one for a while until I got paddles that I liked more, but they cost over $100.

Or maybe the Foxworx Splash

It’s $124, but you might be able to order the blade color to match your boat. I haven’t tried this paddle.

Good luck in your shopping.

if you want a good low angle intro
paddle look at the AT SS T4 E OS…err… in english… Adventure Technology Straight Shaft Touring T4 E(conomical or Epoxy Glass- I think) Over Size blade paddle. It comes in at just under $100 (a bit over if you pay tax and shipping), but you can adjust the feather however you want and you can extend the shaft length by 5 cm.

My club has had good experiences with the small-blade Aquabounds. Good blade shape, reasonably light, very sturdy, very low price ($90 to $120 in NYC).

– Mark

Aquabound makes a carbon fiber
paddle you can get for less than $200. I got one from Campmor for $175. Nice paddle.