Another Penobscot question

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'97 Penobscot 17', royalex, good to excellent condition, stored inside. Is $800 a good price?

Too high

Jack L

Prices do all things royalex increased
Wh n they stopped making it.

$800 might be market tolerable.

Depends on what it is worth to you.
A Penobscot 17, Royalex, in good to excellent condition, is not far off being equivalent to a new boat, sans warranty. The owner might well get $800 for it. You have to decide if you want to go that high.

If it were me, I would probably be asking $650, but I’m notorious for underpricing boats.


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Considering it probably cost about $1200 new.

Concerns beyond hull condition: If the seats are original, the caning is likely about done. Figure a C-note for contoured, webbed replacements from Ed's.

Badly scratched or dinged-up gunnels would knock off another hundred, IMO. They should be smooth, straight, and appear almost new.

Most important, though, is the color. Red ones are worth an extra $75 at least. Because, as everyone knows, they goes faster.


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So heres the deal on the condition. The owner tells me that it's only been in the water twice and i believe him. There are a few light scratches in the vinyl hull but the inside is perfect. The gunnels (vinyl wrapped aluminium, I presume) and decks are perfect. The ash thwarts, yoke and seats are perfect. The gloss finish on the wood is complete with no signs of fading peeling or even cloudiness from UV exposure. If the hull wasn't in such good shape I'd suspect that the wood had just been replaced with factory parts. The two issues are a very small (2mm) gouge through the outer hull and a kevlar skid plate that is coming loose. I assume that I can use the same epoxy to glue down the end of the skid plate and fill the gouge, but I'd be grateful for any advice.

Can you see under that "skid plate"
I would be very leery of someone putting skid plates on a canoe that is in “like new condition”!

Jack L

There’s just some chunky dried glue, the hull looks fine. He said he put them on right when he bought it.