Another question about new Kayak

One of the solutions to my problem of the kayaking pulling to one side could be that the boat is twisted. Could I have twisted the boat in the transporting of it? I am waiting for my new Thule rack to come in so I have been putting it in the back of my Ford F150 and using bungee cords to secure it. that couldn’t twist a boat could it?

I promise this is my last question.

Thanks again!!

I purchased a new kayak that always
steered to the right. I placed it on it’s side and used a laser level to find the last foot and a half was crooked. I used heat and some brackets to straighten it out. Has paddled straight ever since.

thank you
I just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to answer my questions.

I am new to kayaking and I just love it.

this message board has been great because I didn’t know where to turn for answers.

thanks again!!