Another question on feathered paddles

Since I’m new to paddling, I’ve been spending lots of time practicing my forward stroke…some info…WS Pamlico 100, 220 cm Aquabound paddle, 5’6", 145 lbs.

I was messing around with the feathering on my paddle today, when I set it to 45 degrees, my paddle blades exit from the the water seemed “cleaner” when I finished my stroke…From what I’ve read here about the purpose of feathering paddles, I can’t see a reason for my observation…Any thoughts?..or is it just my imagination?

Not imagining things

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I paddle feathered because the first paddle I ever picked up was feathered and I got used to it. Now if I pick up an unfeathered paddle my forward stroke is royally messed up because I would have to rotate my wrist to compensate for the lack of feather. To me, feathering makes my forward stroke cleaner, stronger, more efficient. Without it, I am pushing water more away from the boat and not to the stern as much.
I have always assumed that feathering makes the blades more perpendicular to the boat as the blade exits the water. There have been countless discussions here about that subject. Seems many paddlers believe the only reason a paddle is feathered is to make passing slalom gates easier on a ww course. I have convinced myself that an unfeathered paddle is less efficient for my forward stroke.
Maybe lots of us are imagining the same thing?

Unless, of course, kit is the hallowed

both sides…as I mentioned, I’m new to this…I have mananaged at least 4 hours of paddling time every Sat and Sun for the past month with no ill effects or soreness…the only problems I seemed to have was leaving the paddle in the water past the point that I have read it should be…along with lots of “whooshing” going on behind me…when I feathered the paddle, my exit point shortened closer to my hip and things became much quiter…why I have no idea…

You have asked one of the
cosmic p-net questions.

Here is my take on the subject:

Use this search engine:

Enter “feathered paddles”; you will get 1430 +/- results, and I guarentee you will have more than enough grist for your mill on this topic.

Like the issue of how to be a good parent, you are on your own regarding the issue of feathered vs. unfeathered paddles.

Bottom line: what works best for your body and your paddling style will be the best for you.